7 Reasons FBinsure is the Agency You Want.

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Every day I see and hear clients come and go who are dealing with their own accident woes.  I know they are in good hands because I work with these people every day.  I know them.  I know their work ethic, their families and they in turn know mine.  We are a family and families look out for one another. I have all my insurance through FBinsure not because I work here, but because I trust them and let’s face it, it’s also super convenient!

I am exposed to many conversations every day to which I pay minimal but pointed attention to in searching for great customer quotes or situations that would make a great blog topic. That’s my job; helping the clients better understand the world of insurance.

IHappy Dance am, most often, outside the service side of our business, until recently when I was given a violent shove into the claims process due to an accident of my own. Thankfully the violence ended, right there, with the accident because of the helpful, attentive and knowledgeable nature of our team here.  Although I’m not finished wrapping up what needs to be done, this process reminded me of 7 top reasons why anyone would want an FBinsure agent in their corner.

  1. Don’t waste your energy getting worked up: I was helpfully reminded: “It’s an accident and that is why they call it that. Relax and take a deep breath”
  2. They understand the law as it affects you and can explain to you how it applies to your situation. It keeps you from making wildly imaginative, though incredibly unlikely, scenarios in your head.
  3. They will walk you through every step of the claim process so you understand your responsibilities, especially since you’re already frazzled and all the paperwork looks the same.
  4. They know what to look for and who to call, which is why they’re the experts!
  5. They patiently answer any and all of your questions, even if it is the 9th time you have asked.
  6. 24 hour claims service let you call in a claim any time so that no matter when your accident happens you can get the ball rolling to being back on the road.
  7. Just like Cheers, they remember your name and make you feel comfortable when you walk in the door (even if you did call 10 times and emailed twice and did a drive by).

Moral of the story:  If you aren’t insured by FBinsure you are not getting the service you deserve.


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