Jeans Day: The Youth Investment Foundation

by | Jun 13, 2019 | FB cares, FB Team, FBcares, Food for Thought, Philanthropic Thoughts, Social media, Social Responsibility

For this month’s Jeans Day we are supporting The Youth Investment Foundation. This organization got its start in 2008 with those working with the Juvenile Courts in New Bedford. They saw these at-risk youth and wanted to help. So often, these kids just need a little guidance and stability to turn their lives around and get on the right path.  This organization tries to help them so they don’t fall through the cracks of the system.  With the donations the organization receives, they are able to offer participants educational opportunities, such as substance abuse prevention, skill building workshops and recreational events.  Sometimes all these kids need is a little compassion and a second chance.

The Youth Investment Foundation was established to raise funds to help support youth development for at-risk youth under the age of 17 in the Greater New Bedford area. The organization has been instrumental with helping youth who often fall through the cracks within these various communities. The Youth Investment Foundation goal is to provide the necessary resources to help with family stabilization while providing social development opportunities, educational opportunities, and recreational activities.

In the past, funds have been raised to:

  • Purchase clothing for youths in need.
  • Provide transportation for a teen by purchasing a new bicycle for his new job.
  • Assist at-risk youth involved in the Juvenile Justice system.

The Youth Investment Foundation has witnessed these at-risk youth turn their lives around. We have supported their positive life changes and helped them reclaim their futures. Be on the lookout for our team wearing jeans on Friday, June 28th to support this great organization.


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