21 Helpful Tips to Avoid Post-Holiday Electric Shock

by | Nov 23, 2011 | Uncategorized

The holidays are here!  Shopping has begun and will, as proven time and time again, most likely turn into a feverish rush for those last minute gifts.  Despite the fact that the true meaning of the holidays can get lost in our efforts to buy the “it” gift, the holidays are still magical and most times bring out the best in human nature.  It is this time of the year that I enjoy the most.  I love the candles in the windows, lights on the bushes outside and all the decorations that seemingly take away the stagnant “day to day” drudgery that we all feel at one time or other.  As we begin decorating we will once again forget that our electric bills will skyrocket until after the festivities are over.   With the economy in its current state of disaster which has caused most folks to watch every penny, I would like to offer some suggestions on how you can put up all of your festive decorations while lessening the “electric shock” that will be knocking on your door at the turn of the New Year.   

  1. Turn off the lights  when you leave a room or leave the house
  2. Unplug  or turn off office & gaming equipment when not in use
  3. Use only necessary lighting – don’t turn on every light in a room where you are working.
  4. Don’t leave outside lighting on all night or during the day.  No one can see your festival of lights when the sun is out.
  5. Turn off the dish drying function of your dishwasher- believe it or not, the dishes WILL dry if left in the tub.
  6. Lower your thermostat during the day
  7. Shut the doors to unoccupied rooms
  8. Seal the windows in plastic in the winter
  9. Unplug extra refrigerators or freezers that aren’t in use
  10. Use candles or consider having an “electric vacation” once or twice per month.
  11. Remove half the light bulbs from fixtures that have multiple sockets
  12. Swap out regular light bulbs for energy efficient ones
  13. Be sure not to block the cooling vent on the inside of your fridge / freezer.  Blocking this vent causes your fridge to work harder to keep food at the right temperature
  14. Clean the dryer lint trap- More lint in the trap means the dryer will have to work harder to dry your clothes. This will also help prevent a dryer fire, but that story is for another day.
  15. Buy LED holiday lights
  16. Wash full loads of laundry instead of several “mini-loads”.
  17. Turn off the wrinkle guard on your dryer so it does not run unnecessarily
  18. Use an indoor or outdoor clothes line
  19. Use a manual can opener
  20. Turn off the stove’s interior light when baking
  21. Light a fire in the fireplace

By trying out some of these great ideas during the holidays, you will still be able to enjoy decorating with lights while avoiding the hefty jump in your electric bill after the holidays are over.


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