10 Homeowner Maintenance Tips to Start Summer Right

by | Jul 2, 2021 | Beyond Insuring. Ensuring, Holidays, Home Maintenance, Home Tips, personal property, Personal Risk

Summer is finally here and Massachusetts’ homeowners know it’s a perfect time to catch up on home maintenance tasks both inside and outside of the house. Across Southeastern Mass, this Fourth of July weekend is looking a bit too chilly for the beach, making it a great opportunity to tackle some projects that it will otherwise too hot for as we get deeper we get into the summer.

These summer maintenance tips will help keep your home looking great for all seasons:

  • Wash your windows: Wash all interior and exterior windows to let in light and maximize visibility.home maintenance
  • Check your windows for leaks: Re-caulk the seals on all doors and windows. This practice may help save on A/C bills and can increase your home’s energy efficiency year round.
  • Clean your dryer vent and exhaust duct: Remove any clogged lint and dust from your dryer vent. Dryers are the 3rd most common cause of house fires, so keeping them clean keeps you safe.
  • Pressure-wash any siding or brick: Get rid of any dust, dirt, or stuck on mold that makes your home’s exterior look dingy and increases wear.
  • Repair and repaint your home’s exterior features: Fix any chipped, cracked or faded exterior paint to protect your home from further damage from the elements.
  • Clean your gutters and downspouts: Clean any debris from your home’s gutters and downspouts. This debris can often appear after summer storms and high winds.
  • Clean your outdoor grill: Thoroughly clean your grill to make it ready for summer barbequing. Consider using tools other than a wire brush; they have proven to be dangerous from having the bristles detach and end up in food!
  • Schedule and appointment to get your roof inspected: Make your roof last as long as possible by having it checked for loose shingles or other damages and scheduling any required repairs with a qualified professional.
  • Care for your greenery: Inspect your plants and landscaping. Get rid of weeds, overgrowth or dead plants. Freshen up areas by adding new plants.
  • Inspect your deck or porch: Check outdoor spaces for any necessary upkeep such as applying sealant or stain, or fixing loose boards. Massachusetts’ weather can be tough on our exterior structures so it always important to keep a close eye on their status.

Seasonal checkups are important for every house’s upkeep. While we would all love a sunny beautiful holiday, taking advantage of this weekend’s imperfect weather for some simple home maintenance means less time you need to spend on it in the future. A little elbow grease now goes a long way toward future house upkeep –and makes that well-deserved rest even more enjoyable!


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